Please Stop Putting God On A Prescription Bottle

“Hey, good for you man! Whatever works for you.”

Man, this line started getting to me. There I was, sharing my story of salvation to a friend or a friend of a friend (when asked), and I would get this huge smile in return (which I totally appreciated) and that line.

I started to wonder: Do people think God is needed only by people like me? Was I one of those cases that just couldn’t stand up on her own two feet, thus Jesus?

It’s funny how whenever we’re listening to someone speak, and suddenly their thought process gets really dark, we think to ourselves: She needs Jesus. Or we see some dude acting WAY out of line and we’re like, he needs Jesus.

As if God, were a case-to-case basis. As if God, were some kind of prescription of medicine we could just take to get better and not feel bad anymore.

By all means, I DO think God is the source of us getting better. But not for the select few. For all.

See the thing is after we hear that person talk about how dark her thoughts were on say, her family and how she hates them and wishes they would just die…we go home, and truth be told, we barely talk to our own family. Or after we saw that person commit a heinous crime of stabbing someone, we sit on our phones, and gossip about someone we know or scroll through Facebook, judging, judging. As if that wasn’t stabbing someone in the back. As if not even trying to communicate with our family wasn’t some sort of open wound in the house.

Let me quote the most widely recognized verse in the Bible:

John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him, will not perish but have everlasting life.

Keyword: WORLD.

Not just the drug addict. Not just the unfaithful wife. Not just the bully in school. Not just the boy in and out of rehab. Not just the lonely man sitting in the corner. Not just the woman so full of herself, trampling over others. ALL of us.

And the only thing stopping us from admitting that to ourselves is because we’ve been sitting so long on a moral high horse of our own, we haven’t even looked down to see our feet scraping the bottom. What’s usually the excuse?

“I’m a good person. I don’t hurt anyone.” “My life is fine, I have everything I need.” “Hmmm…I don’t think Christianity really applies to my way of things.”

I will not try to debunk those statements because I believe many of us still to some degree (even Christians) fool ourselves thinking these things. But in the few months I’ve gotten to know God, I’ve learned enough to know this.

No one is a good person. Even that person you consider a saint, would never volunteer to have his or her thoughts read for just one day. Sure, you may never have hurt someone physically or directly, but even unaware of it, you probably have hurt someone by something you said or worse, didn’t say. You’re a hard worker, you do what it takes to get the job done, your standard of success is all or nothing…and that’s why you’ve never given yourself a break. You say I spend this much money, then I’ll make more money. I can provide. I can do anything I set my mind to. But where is your mind? You’re so focused on the next thing in your life, your kids have been sitting at home. Your mom waits up for you all night.  But it’s okay, you provide for them anyway right? You love her anyway, right?

Christianity couldn’t fit into your already well-rounded, fully scheduled life because you personally don’t need God. He could be there for back-up, say when you’re dying or really sick, but just not now, you’re okay. You know you’re going to be okay. Everything’s good, you’re having fun, if something goes wrong, you’ll fix it. You got this. If you get tired, you just need to sleep it off. You’ll be fine.

Isn’t it sad that to be honest, we’ve all thought and lived this way until we’ve been driven to our lowest point? And even then, some of us still don’t want to take God? He’s for the weak. He’s for the sinners.

By golly then, He must be there for you and me.

I think we need to realize our “goodness”, no matter how we applaud it or say it’s good enough, will never measure up to God’s goodness. That’s why we need Grace. I think we all need to realize that our own moral compass is going to falter at some point, no matter how hard we justify another person’s actions as wrong or even try to put the blame on ourselves. That’s why we need Mercy.

The thing is, when you take a little God every day, you see less of the flaws of everyone around you, and more of the flaws of yourself. Is that awareness what you’re scared of? The more God you take every day, you start to change and it’s so weird because you thought you were fine before and how come all of a sudden, you feel even better? A little more patient. A little more forgiving and understanding. A little more loving. Is that change what you’re scared of?

Pride. Man, I have learned to hate pride with a passion. Most especially, in myself.

I’ll leave you with this. A good friend from fellowship (a Bible study I go to) said people are walking around on this Earth, with a cross-shaped hole in them. Sometimes, they have no idea what that is, but they’ll justify why they don’t need it to be filled. Until their justification points their own fingers to the mirror.

I’m still figuring this out guys, I’m far from(and never will get to) the point of knowing all of this down pat.

But of this alone I am sure, my God is love. Not the human love that gives up when it’s been wronged or it’s tired. Not the human love that cares to listen but never to help. Not the human love that is happy for someone getting better, but fails to see what that person could potentially make them realize one day. So whatever you believe in, I again, will respect that. Put please do not slap my God onto a prescription that “works for me.” The truth is, we all need Jesus.

Romans 3:23-24

For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of the God and all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus.

Author: julzsavard7

I'm 25. I play music. I love Jesus.

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