Dating The Perfect Man

I wake up in the morning and roll over. He kisses me on the forehead and says, “It’s time to get up. We have a whole day to knock out together.” I ask, “Five more minutes?” He smiles and lets me sleep a little more.

At the table, we’re having breakfast. He’s stirring his coffee while I open the Bible to Matthew. He asks me, “Which part are we reading today?” I reply, “Chapter 8, the part where Jesus calms the storm.” He smiles and says, “Ahhh, that’s my favorite part.” I laugh and exclaim, “You say that about every chapter!” We read and pray together, and our day begins.

In the shower, I start to cry because I think of how much pain I’m still in. He’s sitting on top of the toilet, and he asks, “What is it?” I try to muster the words, “It’s my fault. He left me. What did I do wrong?” Gently, he whispers, “It’s not all your fault. But he’s in your past now, and I’m here. I’m never going to leave you.” I cry and through my tears, say, “They all said that. They all made that promise.” He says, “But you know Jules that I never break my promises. I love you.”

I dress up and while doing so; a song blasts in the background, “This Is Amazing Grace.” I’m dancing along, and so is he. He says, “I really like this song, it’s so catchy, and it’s so true!” I couldn’t agree more.

On the way out, he smiles to the guard and I smile at him too. On my way into work, he tells me to smile to the other guard, gently pressing my hand. He tells me to smile at all the people at the office. He even tells me to ask a few how their day has been and gives me words of comfort to those who seem a little stressed out.

At lunch, he sits right across from me. “How’s your day been so far, Jules?” “Really good,” I reply, “but I can’t do it without you. Could you please stay with me? It’s starting to hurt again.” He nods and with all assurance says, “Yes. I’m not going anywhere.”

I try to finish my work, but my draft of an article does not save, and I completely lose it. In frustration, I slam the laptop down. He pats my back, “Hey, just start over again. You can always start over again.” I take a deep breath and finish my work, this time liking it better than the last. “Thanks,” I say, “It was actually good I got to do a second draft.”

As the day ends, we ride in a taxi together, and he encourages me to ask the driver how his day has been, what his family is like, etc. The driver waves us goodbye as we get out and go home.

This is my favorite part of the day. I sit down with my guitar and start strumming while humming a melody to myself. He sits on the floor next to me. I ask him, “What kind of love song do you want me to write for you?” He replies, “Write about how much I love you.” After a few hours of going through the song, he says, “I think that’s my favorite so far out of everything you’ve written.” I think to myself, “You say that about every song.”

I get ready for bed and bend down on my knees. Another day has gone by smoothly, despite its little obstacles. I thank God for the miracle of living another day and getting through it with the perfect partner. I look over at him and ask, “Why me? Why did you choose me?” He stares deep into my eyes and says, “Because you are so special to me, and I want to heal you…” Someone interrupts him from afar, “You don’t mean that. She’s guilty. She isn’t worthy of someone like you. She doesn’t have that much talent, and you’re not going to stay—”

“Be quiet,” my partner rebukes, “She is beautiful, and she is mine.”

I cry and hug him, “Thank you,” I whisper, “I hate when he does that.”

“It’s a lie. I am the truth. You have me. One can never love you as I have loved you, but that’s why you will always have me. I am always with you. Forever.”

He lays me down to sleep and sings me a lullaby. “Don’t go,” I say, “It’s scary at this point. The dreams, they haunt me.” “Shhh,” he tenderly brushes my hair, “I’m not going anywhere. I’ll be with you in your dreams and right here again when you wake up.”

Before finally falling asleep, I tell him with my whole heart, “I am so in love with you, Jesus.” He smiles, and He is the face I see before the sleep sinks in.

Author: julzsavard7

I'm 25. I play music. I love Jesus.

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